Students are welcome to browse syllabi for information about CGPS courses. The staff tries to provide the most recent syllabi on this page, but please be aware that curricula and textbooks change often as CGPS constantly updates its programs. New courses under development may not appear. Contact your advisor or department chair for the latest information.

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APSP 105Introduction To Adult LearningArts and Sciences
APSP 110Effective ThinkingArts and Sciences
BIBL 103Drama of ScriptureBible and Ministry
BIBL 202Jesus: The Focus of ScriptureBible and Ministry
BIBL 280Biblical Theology of the FamilyBible and Ministry
BIBL 303Acts of the ApostlesBible and Ministry
BIBL 304Scripture: How We Use ItBible and Ministry
BIBL 305IsaiahBible and Ministry
BIBL 334Gospel of MarkBible and Ministry
BIBL 4121 CorinthiansBible and Ministry
BIBL 413PsalmsBible and Ministry
BIBL 420Advanced HermeneuticsBible and Ministry
BIBL 445Theology of Sin and Salvation (WE)Bible and Ministry
BIBL 490JonahBible and Ministry
BUSI 201Introduction to Healthcare IndustryBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 202Business StatisticsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 208Communication & Relationship Management in Healthcare AdministrationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 211Financial AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 212Managerial AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 214Management Information SystemsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 230Principles of ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 238Business CommunicationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 261Legal & Ethical Responsibilities in Professional AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 271Social Media MarketingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 272Social Media Marketing: TwitterBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 274Social Media Marketing: LinkedInBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 275Social Media Marketing: FacebookBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 301Principles of LogisticsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 304Contemporary Issues in U.S. Healthcare AdministrationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 309Transportation PrinciplesBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 311Intermediate Accounting IBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 312Intermediate Accounting IIBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 313Intermediate Accounting IIIBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 316Personal & Prefessional Accountability in HCABusiness and Leadership
BUSI 320Principles of MicroeconomicsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 321Principles of MacroeconomicsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 324Human Resource Management in HCABusiness and Leadership
BUSI 332Accounting Information SystemBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 334Financial Management in Healthcare AdministrationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 336Principles of FinanceBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 340Operations ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 342Supply Chain ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 347Principles of MarketingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 352Organizational BehaviorBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 354Consumer BehaviorBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 364Income Tax AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 365Marketing ResearchBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 371Social Media Marketing: Bloggin and Content MakingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 372Social Media Marketing: Video & Mobile MarketingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 373Social Media Marketing: Pinterest & Instagram MobileBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 374Services MarketingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 375Business as MissionBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 384Foundations of RetailingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 395Cost AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 400Social Media Marketing: CapstoneBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 425AuditingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 426International BusinessBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 432Ethical and Legal Environment of Healthcare AdministrationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 433Fraud Examination & Fraud SchemesBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 434Business LawBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 436Business Ethics (WE)Business and Leadership
BUSI 440Risk Management in Healthcare AdministrationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 441Marketing AnalyticsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 442Business PolicyBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 443EntrepreneurshipBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 444Small Business ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 448Govermental & Nonprofit AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 450Human Resource ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 451Detection & Prevention of Fraudulent Financial StatementsBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 455Change ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 456Forensic & Investigative AccountingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 460Organizational LeadershipBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 465Strategic Management and PlanningBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 505Foundations of Business AdministrationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 510Ethics and Professional Issues in BusinessBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 515Business IntelligenceBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 520Quantitative Analysis for Decision-MakingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 525Lean Six Sigma Methodology for Business TransformationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 526Lean Six Sigma Methodology for Business Transformation IBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 527Lean Six Sigma Methodology for Business Transformation IIBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 530Persuastion & NegotiatioinBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 535Financial Statement Analysis & ValuationBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 540Strategic Management & LeadershipBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 542Servant Leadership Theory & DevelopmentBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 544Nonprofit ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 545Strategic MarketingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 550Business Innovation & CreativityBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 552Organizational Innovation & CreativityBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 555Cost Management & Decision-MakingBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 560Applied LeadershipBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 562Strategic Planning & Change ManagementBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 690Capstone Transformation Project IBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 692Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project IBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 694Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project IIBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 695Capstone Transformation Project IIBusiness and Leadership
BUSI 699Capstone Transformatioin Project ContinuationBusiness and Leadership
CHED 301Educational MinistriesBible and Ministry
CISM 100Introduction to Information TechnologyArts and Sciences
CISM 105Introduction to Academic TechnologiesArts and Sciences
CISM 110Intermediate Academic TechnologiesArts and Sciences
CISM 210Information Technology Applications IArts and Sciences
CISM 215Information Technology Applications IIArts and Sciences
CISM 220Information Technology Operating SystemsArts and Sciences
CISM 230Technical WritingArts and Sciences
CISM 300Networking FundamentalsArts and Sciences
CISM 315Risk Mitigation & Security PolicyArts and Sciences
CISM 320Introduction to Network SecurityArts and Sciences
CISM 325Network Security ApplicationsArts and Sciences
CISM 330Foundations of Website DevelopmentArts and Sciences
CISM 400Introduction to ProgrammingArts and Sciences
CISM 410Introduction to Data ManagementArts and Sciences
CISM 415Advanced Security ApplicationsArts and Sciences
CISM 420Network ManagementArts and Sciences
CISM 430Technical Project ManagementArts and Sciences
CISM 435Information Systems Disaster RecoveryArts and Sciences
CJUS 200Criminal JusticeSocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 210CriminologySocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 220Constitutional LawSocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 400Criminal LawSocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 410Criminal ProcedureSocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 420Police AdministrationSocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 429Violence and SocietySocial and Behavioral Sciences
CJUS 430Professionalism & Ethics in Criminal Justice (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
COMM 205Public SpeakingArts and Sciences
COMM 305Media Effects on Children and AdolescentsEducation
ECHL314Creative ArtsEducation
EDUC 102Educational FoundationsEducation
EDUC 201Principles and Methods of TeachingEducation
EDUC 203Child DevelopmentEducation
EDUC 300Educational Psychology (WE)Education
EDUC 310Preschool Methods & MaterialsEducation
EDUC 401Exceptional ChildEducation
EDUC 407Classroom ManagementEducation
EDUC 490Practicum IEducation
EDUC 491Child Development Practicum IIEducation
ENGL 101Critical Reading and Writing IArts and Sciences
ENGL 102Critical Reading and Writing IIArts and Sciences
ENGL 250Modern Short StoriesArts and Sciences
ESLA 442Culture & EducationEducation
HIST 203U.S. HistoryArts and Sciences
HREL 202The FamilySocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 301Intro to CounselingSocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 304Intro to Research (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 308Life, Work, and Ethis of Hlp ProfSocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 312Counseling Diverse Populations (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 320Group DynamicsSocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 323/423Biblical Resources for CouncelingSocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 396Counseling Theory and Procedures (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 414Human SexualitySocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 437Conflict ManagementSocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 445Case Management (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 497Human Relations PracticumSocial and Behavioral Sciences
HREL 498Human Relations Practicum IISocial and Behavioral Sciences
HUMA 101Introduction To HumanitiesArts and Sciences
ICST510Reading & Redeeming CultureBible and Ministry
MATH 100Foundations of MathematicsArts and Sciences
MATH 103College MathematicsArts and Sciences
MATH 110College AlgebraArts and Sciences
MATH 111Elementary AlgebraArts and Sciences
MATH 113Intermediate AlgebraArts and Sciences
MATH 115Quantitative ReasoningArts and Sciences
MATH 117Introductory StatisticsArts and Sciences
MATH 120College AlgebraArts and Sciences
MATH 302StatisticsArts and Sciences
MEDC 105ICD Medical Coding & BillingHealth Sciences
MEDC 200Introduction to Medical Coding and BillingHealth Sciences
MEDI 220Medical Legal and Ethical TopicsHealth Sciences
MEDM 210Medical Systems and ProceduresHealth Sciences
MINI 207Practical MinistryBible and Ministry
MINI 235/435Admin. And Leadership in the ChurchBible and Ministry
MINI 411Accounting and Finance for the ChurchBible and Ministry
MINI 417Pastoral CareBible and Ministry
MINI 520Church AdministrationBible and Ministry
MINI 530Applied Family Systems Theory & DiscipleshipBible and Ministry
MINI 591Mentored PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI 592Supervised ProjectBible and Ministry
MINI 593Research ProjectBible and Ministry
MINI105AColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI105BColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI105CColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI105DColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI205AColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI205BColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI205CColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI205DColumbus PracticumBible and Ministry
MINI510Contemporary Models of Holistic MinistryBible and Ministry
MSEV 201Evangelism and DiscipleshipBible and Ministry
MSEV 302Church Growth and EvangelismBible and Ministry
MUSI 102Music AppreciationArts and Sciences
MUSI 415Worship LeadershipBible and Ministry
NSCI 105BiologyArts and Sciences
NSCI 214Human Anatomy & Physiology for Health ProfessionalsHealth Sciences
PBHE 301Nutrition and WellnessHealth Sciences
PBHE 304Biostatistical ResearchHealth Sciences
PBHE 322Public Health and AgingHealth Sciences
PBHE 405Drugs and SocietyHeatlh Sciences
PBHE 410Healthcare SystemsHealth Sciences
PBHE 415Healthcare Education for Diverse PopulationsHealth Sciences
PHED 105Physical FitnessArts and Sciences
PREA 201Intro to Preaching (WE)Bible and Ministry
PREA 320Advanced PreachingBible and Ministry
PREA510Preaching & Teaching for ChangeBible and Ministry
PSYC 103Introduction to PsychologySocial and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 204Development PsychologySocial and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 325/425Interpersonal EffectivenessSocial and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 341Abnormal PsychologySocial and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 442Personality TheorySocial and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 497Psychology PracticumSocial and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 498Psychology FieldworkSocial and Behavioral Sciences
SOCI 103Intro to SociologySocial and Behavioral Sciences
SOCI 350Social Problems (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
SOCI 355Human Behavior and the Social Environment (WE)Social and Behavioral Sciences
SOCI 420Race, Ethnicity, and GenderSocial and Behavioral Sciences
SOWK 301Introduction to Social WorkSocial and Behavioral Sciences
SOWK 306Research Methodologies for Social WorkersSocial and Behavioral Sciences
THEO 301Theological Foundations for the Christian LifeBible and Ministry
THEO 310Spiritual Formation: Kingdom LivingBible and Ministry
THEO 405Christ, Culture, and CareerBible and Ministry
THEO 510The Emerging Kingship of GodBible and Ministry
THEO 525The Church as God's Agent of TransformationBible and Ministry
THEO 535Promoting Spiritual Formation & DiscipleshipBible and Ministry
THEO445Theology of Sin & SalvationBible and Ministry
THEO540Theologicial Foundation for Chrisitan SchoolingBible and Ministry
YMIN305Adolescent Growth and MaturationBible and Ministry