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IT SUPPORT: IT Support is available to assist with all of your on campus computer and network support needs. IT Support can assist with connecting to the Point University network, logging in to Point University applications, using basic applications, installing Point University provided software, and many other computer issues.

Offsite support can be accessed by calling 706-385-1493, or emailing


Career planning is a lifelong process; which means a good amount of time is spent gaining and changing employment. Through career exploration, professional development and employment resources, we’ll work with current students & Alumni to identify your calling, career interests, map out a strategy to find internships and jobs, and coach you on how to interview with confidence and craft effective résumés.

Come to our office for assistance with:

  • Major Selection – 
Unsure about your major? Let our staff help you figure out which major is best for you. Make an appointment!
  • Campus Employment— If you are interested in student employment, please visit Purple Briefcase, for information on applying and campus openings. Join today.
  • Resume/ Cover Letter Assistance:
  • Interview Skills
  • Internships/ Volunteer Experiences
  • Ministry Jobs
  • Career Events & Workshops – 
Stay up-to-date with the latest events from the CCC. Career fairs, info sessions, workshops, résumé reviews and more! By joining Point Careers powered by Purple Briefcase. Join today.
  • Job Search Resources – 
Take a look at all of the great job searching tools we’ve gathered for you! Join today at:
  • And so much more!

Or make an appointment at