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The Point University Library provides resources, services and technology to students and faculty. The library collection includes information resources through Galileo and other electronic databases, over 150,000 e-books, over 10,000 paper volumes. Instruction and assistance with the University’s information and learning resources are available to students, faculty and others at the main desk of the Library, by phone, and by email.

The Point University Library is a space for students to study individually or collaboratively to achieve academic success. Tables, comfortable chairs, computers and printers for group work are all available to aid students in their academic success through collaborative learning and access to learning resources.


Adam Solomon, Director of Library Resources, West Point, 706-385-1097 (voice mail available),

STUDENTS are encouraged to contact staff via phone, by email, with Zoom® (by appointment), or a visit when possible.


All Point University students, faculty and staff get a free library card with the H. Grady Bradshaw Chambers County Library by presenting their Point University ID cards. In addition to providing access to additional print materials, the Chambers County Library also provides additional information resources.

Visit the H. Grady Bradshaw Chambers County Library website for more information.