Emergency Information

To find out more about Point’s campus alert text-messaging system, click here. Please take a few moments to review this material and become familiar with it. It will prove invaluable should an emergency situation arise.

Emergency Response Plan The University’s Emergency Response Plan provides campus administrators with guidelines on how to respond to various types of emergencies. In the event of an emergency, it is important that all students carefully follow instructions given by faculty and staff. If you receive a campus alert system text message, follow the instructions included in it immediately. Below are brief guidelines for various types of emergency situations.

Criminal or Health Emergency
In the case of a criminal or health emergency, immediately dial 9, then 911 from any campus phone. Note that if you are calling 911 from on campus, you will need to provide the service address, not the University’s main address, in order for emergency personnel to locate you easily and quickly. When you call 911, calmly describe for the operator the location, the situation and the need. Then follow the procedures listed below.

In case of suspicious activity or some other need for security assistance, call an on-duty security guard at the appropriate number listed below:

  • Main Campus (West Point, Ga.): 404-232-5420.
  • Point Living Community (Valley, Ala.): 706-457-2832
  • Lindbergh: MARTA Police Lindbergh Dispatch: 404-848-4911

Calmly describe the location, the situation and the need. If you are a student, you should then notify the appropriate head resident. If you are an employee, you should then notify your immediate supervisor.

Evacuation of Buildings
In case of a fire drill, an actual fire or another emergency requiring the evacuation of a building, an alarm will sound and everyone should leave as quickly and quietly as possible by the appropriate exit. (Appropriate exits are posted on the back of all residence hall room doors.) After evacuating the building, you should wait at least 100 feet away until you are notified that you may re-enter.

Fire Drill
Fire drills will be held periodically. If you are in a residence hall, close your window; leave the light on and the door open when you leave. Designated students will check your room and close the door.

Pandemic Flu or Other Widespread Illness
If you begin to feel sick from flu-like symptoms, you should discontinue regular activities and seek advice from your health care provider or from the campus clinic. Resident students who begin to feel sick from such symptoms should also notify their hall’s Campus Life Ministers (CLMs). Your health care provider can run tests to determine whether or not it is H1N1 (swine) flu, seasonal flu or another illness.