CLEP and DSST testing are administered at Point University’s Testing Center in West Point. These college level examination programs are standardized subject tests which, when passed, allow students to earn college credit. Test credit may be used for specific course credit or elective credit. One may take no more than 25% of the total number of degree hours by examination. Students who are not enrolled at Point University may use the Testing Center if space is available. There is a $20 processing charge for any student enrolled in another institution.

  1. Information regarding study helps and materials, as well as practice tests for CLEP testing can be found at
  2. For DSST information about materials and practice tests, check out
  3. Each of the above sites will provide information regarding the type of information covered on each exam. Taking one practice test is not equivalent to actually studying a textbook. It is best to study from an actual text, as well as doing a practice test when preparing for these exams.
  4. CLEP and DSST exams are administered year-round on a computer and are between 90 and 120 minutes in length. If a CLEP exam is failed, students must wait six months to retest. If a DSST exam is failed, students must wait three months to retest.
  5. Members of the military are not charged when taking CLEP or DSST exams unless the person is attempting an exam for the second time due to a first attempt failure. The second attempt must be paid for out of pocket.
  1. Get approval from your advisor to take the exam.
  2. Call Sandra Tyner at the testing center at 706-385-1044 to make an appointment for testing.
  3. Give yourself time to prepare for taking this exam by studying materials suggested by each examination program.
  4. Arrive at test center with photo ID and a credit/debit card with which to pay for the test at the time of testing.
  5. Personal belongings will be left outside the testing area once you have completed entry of your payment information. You may not receive or make any phone calls during the exam.

For more information on CLEP or DSST, contact us at 706-385-1044 or by email.